Church Membership

All students shall be members of an Independent Baptist Church. If a student from out of the area relocates to Tucson, Arizona to attend Sonrise Baptist Bible College it shall be at their and their pastor’s discretion to transfer their membership to Sonrise Baptist Church. If so desired, they may maintain membership at their home church and will be allowed to serve at Sonrise Baptist Church during their time in school but will not be allowed to partake in the Lord’s Supper at the church.

Church Attendance

​Students are required to be actively attending an Independent Baptist Church both during class sessions and in between semesters. Active attendance means attending Sunday School, Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, Wednesday Evening and all special meetings and services unless providentially hindered. To study for serving God in ministry and not be faithful to His house is useless. If a student stops faithfully attending church, per their pastor’s recommendation, they will be dismissed from school and receive “F’s” in all classes they are enrolled in that semester.

Bible and Books

Each student shall bring a King James Bible and any books required for the class they are enrolled into each class session. No version other than the Authorized King James Bible shall be used for any class or class work. 


​Since each student is training for the ministry, they are asked to abstain from worldly places, appearances, and relationships. This is to be defined by the pastor of the church of which the student is a member. If the student attends Sonrise Baptist Church but maintains their membership at their home church, the standard of separation will be that set by the pastor of Sonrise Baptist Church.

Classroom Appearance

Men: All male students shall wear slacks, dress shoes, and a collared shirt to all classes.

Women: All female students shall wear skirts or dresses that completely cover the knee in a sitting position, and tops shall be modest in their appearance.


Sonrise Baptist Bible College, as a private educational institution, is free to control admission and attendance of students. No person has a right to attend Sonrise Baptist Bible College. Attendance at Sonrise Baptist Bible College is a privilege, and this privilege may be forfeited by any student who does not conform to its rules and regulations, or who is not willing to adjust themselves to its environment. At Sonrise Baptist Bible College, we are not looking for large numbers for our student body, we are interested in sold-out soldiers of the Lord who are dedicated to the task of pleasing and glorifying God with their lives and bodies. We are not a reform school.

Application Requirements

1. Applicants must have earned a High School diploma or passed the state High School equivalent test.

2. Applicants must have a testimony of salvation.

3. Applicants must be a member of an Independent Baptist church of like faith and practice.