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Sonrise Baptist Bible College is dedicated to the training of the next generation of God’s servants. This means young people, as well as those who have advanced some in life and recently surrendered to the call of God in their life. The format and program of the school is designed to give men and women the best training that they can receive to become what God has called them to be. Our school is dedicated to the Word of God and lifts up Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, rather than men and philosophies. ​


SBBC is Baptist! We are unashamed to be Bible-believing, Independent Baptists that are Fundamental in our doctrinal position, separated unto God, and Soul-winning in our practice. We are not Fundamentalists who are baptistic; we are Baptists who are Fundamental. We only accept students who are from churches of like faith and practice. We do not accept students from non-Baptist churches; it is not our intention to question the sincerity of these churches, but our doctrinal position is intended to be clear, and we are interested in teaching those who hold to this position and not debating with those who do not. ​


Sonrise Baptist Church is a local church. We stand against para-church organizations as un-biblical and destructive to the ministry. We are a ministry of Sonrise Baptist Church and are here to assist other local churches of like faith in training people to serve God. We are not a threat to other local churches and are not seeking to draw people from their church that God has placed them in to come to our church, but for decisions and practice, the ministry of this school is decidedly under the authority of Sonrise Baptist Church.


SBBC teaches Baptist history, showing each student the rich and full line of truth that God has given to us and giving a proper view of our heritage.


SBBC opposes all forms of ecumenism and contemporary compromise including doctrinal compromise and musical compromise.​


SBBC is directly accountable to the pastor and church members of Sonrise Baptist Church and will not be answerable to an independent board or to a group of pastors.