Sonrise Baptist Church Missionaries

Praises and Prayer Requests

The Belascos : Missionaries to Spain 


- Regional Youth Ralley 

- Valentine's banquet put on by our youth group

- 2 babies dedicated to the Lord 


Prayer Request :

- Pray for family of our member Susana that just passed away, mostly for unsaved members.

- Salvation of Said  a young Muslim he just started attending the church. 

- More people to commit and surrender to God's calling to the ministry. 

The Magnarella Family: Missionaries to the Hopi Indians 

Praises : 

- The Lord has answered several prayer requests 

- Soulwinning with a local preacher 

- Baptisim of A.J.



Prayer Requests:

- People grow in the knowledge of God in His Word 

- New converts and disciples of Christ.



Grace Jackson: Missionary to Japan


- 70% of my support! 

-Shared the Gospel in different airports


Prayer Requests: 

- Able to fully book my spring schedule meetings.

- The Lord to prepare hearts of those in Japan 

Sonrise-sent Missionaries

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