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Sonrise Independent Baptist Church in Tucson, AZ

"Where the Son Always Shines"

Sonrise Baptist Church is a growing Independent Baptist Church that is focused on soulwinning, missions and edifying the church body. I pray that you will be encouraged and blessed in your attendance at Sonrise.


This year we are studying the following


Faith Follows


At Sonrise Baptist Church, it is our desire as disciples of Jesus Christ to follow Him, wherever He may lead. Our theme for 2019 focuses on that mission with the simple phrase: Faith Follows. This phrase on Mark 6:1 sums up true discipleship: "and His disciples follow Him." We will approach this vital topic of Faith Follows through three different avenues.

Faith Follows God's Purpose
In learning how to follow God's purpose for our lives, we will study the Gospel of Mark on Sunday Mornings. This book focuses on the ministry of Jesus Christ as the Obedient Servant and His example of the true meaning of discipleship.

Faith Follows God's Promises

Our Faith should always find an anchor in the promises of God. On Sunday evenings, we will follow the life of Joshua. His life teaches us that God keeps His promises no matter how unlikely their fulfillment may appear.

Faith Follows God's Plan
Finally, we will be taking a new and unique approach to our Bible study time on Wednesday nights. Using 4-6 week studies, we will learn important truths, such as: God's Plan for Spiritual Growth; God's Plan for the Family; God's Plan for the End Times; and many more to come.

Many of these messages will also be available as MP3s under the media tab on the menu above.

Sonrise Baptist Church offers a church “home” in a confusing and unstable society.  It’s a place where you’ll find relevant Bible preaching with answers for today’s questions. 

You’ll also find a friendly atmosphere and an enthusiastic ministry that welcomes personal growth and fellowship.  No matter what your personal age or background, you’ll feel at home at Sonrise Baptist Church.  Visit us soon!


Pastor Joe Stoppelbein

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